Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Darnley Island

Maiem!! Greetings from Erub Darnley Island a beautiful paradise in the East.
Darnley is situated in the Top Eastern part of the Torres Strait. It's population is about 400 people.

We the Erubians a so blessed to live on this island, it is a volcanic island with very rich vegetation soil and it is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and the other inhabited island in the Torres Straits. We have two stores on the island our main store is the IBIS and the other one is the Convinence Store. We have a council office which the library shares a space, theres also other services in the community such as Police, Customs, AQIS, Bracs, Immigration and Sports and Recreation. We have a primary school and a Arts and Cultral Centre Building at the school. The accomodations avalible on the island is the Norahs Ark Guest House and the councils Five star dongas and winsok dongas.

The Indigenous Knowledge Centre (IKC) was opened at the school on the 11th of October 2002 before moving down to the council office on the 6th of July 2007.

We have a range of book stock from Reference books, Adult fiction and non-fiction books, Junior fiction and non-fiction books, Picture and Board books, Cd's, DVD's, Videos, Talking books and Comic books. We have internet access at our public computer and a kareoke machine.

The IKC is not only a place where you go and
do quiet reading but it is a place where you go to get or find informations that you need and also a place where you can interact with other people in the community as well.