Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Research Trip to Brisbane

The local art group from Erub Erwer Meta here on Darnley is doing a project in partner with the SLQ, Body Ornamentation. Kapua Gutchen, Florence Gutchen, Myself and Lynnette Griffith went down to Brisbane on the 8th to the 12th of March 2010 and did one week of research and going through old photos and book...

Monday 8
It was a very long for Myself, Florence and Kapua we left Darnley on the 8:40 westwing to Horn Island but didn't make the connection down to Brisbane until 5:00pm that afternoon arriving in Brisbane 7:00pm that night. Checked in at the George William Motel and arrange to meet in front of the Casino at 9.40 am Tuesday.

Tuesday 9
We walked over to the SLQ and went straight to meet Simon Farley (Manager client Services- Heritage Collection) He brought out the photos and books for us to do our research. Tom Mosby brought out some other resources and Uncle Thomas Sebasio came and joined us.
Lynn showed us the Catalogue system explaining what is in the collection, I also did one on one training with her later that day.

Wednesday 10
10.00am We met with Barbara Pisticelli, Michael Quinnell, Imelda Miller (curator TSI and Pacfic) and Uncle Thomas Sebasio (reference group)-Imelda also introduced us to the rest of the indigenous section of the Museum.
Kapua went with Uncle Thomas to see some ancestral remain.
Michael and Imelda showed us the museum's photo collection and the collection that was on display.

Thursday 11
Lynnette and Myself had a tour with Michael from the Edge.

After lunch we visited Centred Art, Rene Diggs and Andrew Baker Gallery.

Friday 12
We visited UAP foundry- An amazing experience to understand the process from design to cast piece and mould making. Clay forms at present are too compilcated for sand casting, this creates a difficulty between form and integrity

We also visited Susan O'Connelly's Gallery.

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